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About a week into this second run for the 'Pearl' and there's nothing to report except that Captain Sparrow seems in a much better mood than before when he was moping.

Also it se-

^Never mind.
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"Shore leave" is about up, and Reno and I are headed out to Treno.

We're to meet back up with the Captain and possibly collect whatever it is he changed the rendezvous location to Treno for. Probably 1_) alcohol or 2_) a woman. -____-

The reports from the first outing should be on Tseng's desk...unless Reno chose not to take care of them. In that case, there are copies on my desk.
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We've made it onto the ship finally, and Reno is still alive -___-; the crew is on its way to find the Captain's boat ship, the Pearl.

There really isn't anything else to report...
Except, perhaps, that Reno's cooking hasn't killed anyone yet...

James. I believe you owe me a story?
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Back in Port Royal, waiting to leave. Before we do, however, I believe I was "tagged" with this from Celes Chere...

Collapse )

And we choose three others? Very well.
Reno, James, and Jasmine

[[ooc: *I know we don't have these people, but, ah, deal with it? plz? XD; strikes = varying/whatever you want :3]]
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Finally out of 'Castle Oblivion' and the 'party' at Seventh Heaven both. With the sun back and everything resolved, hopefully things will regain some of their former sanity. Most things resolved, I should say...

Kuja, when you can, get in touch with me. Let me know you made it up and about okay. I can tell you where Reno and I are I am, if you need me.

Jasmine, I apologize for leaving so abruptly. I think with Kuja in the state he was in, however, I couldn't have left him alone there. Maybe we could speak again some time?

It's strange that we haven't heard from the President...Tseng as well has been silent...I wonder what it means.
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Can't sleep well.

I don't know what the 'Captain' is waiting on, but he needs to hurry.

This waiting around with nothing to do...makes me restless.

It's boring.

Ngk. I sound like Reno.