though we may Deserve it

it will be Worth it

Rude S. Durane
14 May
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Name: Rude

Birthday: May 14th (sign: Taurus)

Song: 'Halo'

Personality: Mostly quiet and always efficient, Rude gets the job done. His attitude is like his dress: cool, professional, and guarded.
Rude might have been a nice guy once. Once, upon a very long time ago. Life in Sanzensekai could be made to seem idyllic by some, but Rude was 1/2 of a team that knew better*. He'd been working for ShinRa for many years now and he'd been on both the giving and the receiving side of some ill-thought situations. Ever since he'd joined the elite TURKS, Rude had lived and died from mission to mission, never praying for an end and neither for a new start. Sure, he knew how to relax and enjoy the nice things in life (when he wasn't working) but the nice things just seemed to get fewer in number the older he got. On a plus side though, they did increase in nicety. If Rude's life was such an up and down because of his job, why then didn't he quit? Easy. He knew his way around backstreets and bars, hotels and whorehouses, fight clubs and knock-out punches...and none of them, not seperate and not all at once, brought him as much as a rush.

It was true! People may have looked at the two of them and easily guessed that Reno got around plenty and got plenty of pleasure from the crazy shit their job entailed...but Rude? Nah...not good ol' stable Rude. Were they -ever- to get under that steel and glass repertoire wrapped in tan skin, a fine suit, and always, always, a pair of classy shades...they might just be in for the shock of their life.

Race: Human
Powers: Fire, Aqua, and Void

On previous occasions, Rude has been known to do the following:
1.) Save children from dangerous situations
2.) Save his partner's arse at risk to his own life
3.) Consort with an 'enemy' who, at present, isn't necessarily not on the same side he is
4.) Forget that people do indeed have physical limitations
5.) Have to kick someone's butt if they throw off his order of things
(This includes any muckering of his apartment by Reno.)

Overall, Rude would never disobey a direct order from Rufus, however, if it's one thing he's learned from the time he's spent in Reno's company, it's this: Where there's a will, there's a loophole, and where there's a loophole, there's a way.

Rude began his life the way most do - boringly. What more can be said? He grew up a normal kid...except for one or two minor things.
1.) Adults in his life had always remarked on Rude's threshold for pain.
(12 years old: 'What? That older kid just hit little Rude with a wooden baseball bat and all Rude did was punch the kid in the face and take the bat back? Amazing!')
2.) Rude got a rush from doing dangerous things.
(13 years old: 'Rude! I don't care if you think you -can- jump from the top of that tree onto the house, I want you inside, -now-.')
After completing school and dealing with the death of his father, (the one family memeber who really meant anything to Rude, except perhaps his earlier deceased sister) Rude joined in any number of mercenary companies and earned respect and prestige for often being one of the the only men to always come back alive. This prestige as a star down among the gutters caught the eye of a man named Tseng. A man who needed people like Rude to serve his boss, Rufus Shinra. Rufus ShinRa, a man who could guarantee Rude the kind of life he would love, if only he would follow his orders to the end of Sanzen and back. In all honestly, Rude had never gotten into the business for any other reason other than respect for his father, love for the stories his father used to tell of his wild youth, and a devotion to one of the few things he remembered clearly of his sister: a simple bit of advice that had always stuck:

"Do whatever makes you happy, Rude. If reading makes you happy, read. If sleeping makes you happy, sleep. And if fighting makes you happy, fight. Just always know what you are reading, when you are sleeping, and who you are fighting. And why, Rude. You'll understand better when you get older, but, always know why."

Now, Rude was in it because doing his job (or not) depended on whether (or not) he was going to be alive to wake up tomorrow and possibly find the reason to his madness, find the answer to his why.